Online Casinos India

What do you know of India’s gambling laws? Do you know which are the best casino sites in India?

What can you play and what can’t you play? These questions and many more get looked at inside our guide Online Casinos India.

We bring you independent news, reviews, stories, and fact surrounding the world of gambling and India. How it all began, where it changed, and where the modern game is heading.

If you are new to the idea and understanding of gambling online, then this is your guide. We present the truths of what goes on within casinos, how games are made, and how they are won.

If you were unsure about taking this step towards gambling online and what comes from it by just being a player based in India. Then we hope this guide brings a lot of new light to what is a daunting change of direction.

Casinos in India

There are two ways of gambling in India. Through the land-based sites inside many of the tourist states like Goad or you have Indian casinos online. Now, Indian casinos online are not actually websites that are based in India. In fact, none of the best casino sites in India are actually in India, they are just marketed to be seen as that.

The truth is, is that all the Indian casino sites are registered in Europe, and this is because of the Indian gambling laws and the Gambling Act of 1867.

Many online casinos accept Indian players and this guide is here to highlight how you are legally allowed to play in rupees and win real rupees in return whilst you experience online sports betting and online casino games like Roulette Teen Patti, Poker, Baccarat, Andar Bahar, Blackjack, and Slot Machines.

The regular casinos in India are somewhat restricted in their services. Games of ‘skill’ are banned in India, predominately card games within the category of poker. Online, however, these games are found in abundance.

Online casinos

What do online casinos offer, especially the best casino sites in India that you can join?

First, the online casinos India market it healthy. There are plenty of platform choices to pick from. Players can access traditional Indian card games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. All the classics of roulette and blackjack can be played as digital games and live casino features.

Online gaming is becoming more immersive, and they are now come with access to live sports betting. Online casinos in India are now a hub of every gaming option and are dominated by online slot machines which carry absolutely life-changing sums of money to be won.

Many casinos are accessible via mobile apps and can be accessed via mobile browsers thanks to the recent upgrade of HTML software.

Whilst no casino online is actually registered or operated within India, players and members can still play in rupees and in return win rupees back.

Gambling legislation

If you wish to read Indian gambling laws and regulations, then there are many boring articles on the subject. But the fact of the matter is that unless you live under a government that controls the internet, like a North Korean government, then no matter where you live in India, you are legally able to access online casinos and their games.

Both at a head government level and state, there is no banning of access to casinos that are registered outside of India.

This is the same as it is in Canada, America, Australia, and numerous other places.

The Gambling Act of 1867 may have had many updates since, but it does not include the governing of websites that are not registered or owned within the Indian borders.

Online payments to online casinos

One important factor that players need to be very conscious about, is the banking with online casinos in India and how it all works within India’s federal banking structure.

Now, even though online gambling is in no way in breach of the laws, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will still cancel transactions associated with gambling.

This is a blanket ban to stop money laundering. A one for all, and all for one kind of law. This brings about the only one true issue with online gambling in India and that comes down to banking.

Now, there are ways to bypass the RBI, and this is to use third-party banking services. PayPal is a popular online alternative and example of a payment service that acts as a middleman in online transactions.

E-wallets are the latest inclusion into the world of online banking. They are a holding feature for finances that allow anonymous transactions, that are more secure than many normal banking transfers which contain the data and information of people producing the transaction.

This step may seem drastic, but it is essential for every player in India to engage in. You will need to open an e-Wallet account with a reputable online company, like Skrill, Neteller, and many others that can support the rupee currency and are accepted by the online casino you wish to join.

Of all matters, this is the most important one when it comes to Indian casino sites that are accessible online.

Casino licenses

What makes you safe when engaging with foreign online casinos? If Indian casinos online are not based in India, then who protects the members?

Now, this question could be asked of many online casino services. The world wide web is not just confined to websites and information that all point to India.

In the case of Indian casino sites, these are registered in other countries, but they still have to go through the due process of being licensed and regulated. Many of the online casinos in India that are accessible online, come from Europe. This is home to the largest licensing body in the industry. They are the Malta Gaming Authority. 99.9% of the Indian casinos online are registered under their license.

Not only do these casinos become home to Indian players, but they are accessible to many other countries. This leads the casino operators to be regulated on a regular basis, making sure they are complying with the codes of conduct and maintaining a fair and secure service to all their members from all corners of the world.

Best online casinos in India

There are many online casinos in India, but which are the best casino sites in India that are a must to join?

Well, you can review site details via independent comparison sites to see if they match your interests.

You can always go directly to the websites and take a tour of their features without having to register first. In fact, some casinos will offer up free demo games which can be played by non-registered members.

Here is a top 10 list of sites we recommend paying interest in:

  1. Pure Casino
  2. Genesis
  3. 10 Cric
  4. Betway
  5. Caxino Casino
  6. LeoVegas
  7. 22bet
  8. Royal Panda
  9. Twin Casino
  10. KTO Casino

Amongst these legally licensed operators, you will have access to games that include slot machines, live cricket betting and the IPL. There is access to bingo, roulette, live poker tournaments, and access to lotteries in India and the rest of the world.

Everything you can imagine and possibly want from a casino experience that just happens to be online.