When it comes to sport, there is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in the world. However, it is fair to say that cricket does not do too badly when it comes to support. Cricket is a game that is loved by more than 2.5 billion fans from around 180 different countries. Not only is it a great sport to watch, but it is always an awesome sport to bet on since there are plenty of different markets for you to choose from. In this article, I am going to give you some very useful tips on how you can be more successful when **cricket betting **on sites like https://www.cricketonlinebetting.in/.


My Love of Cricket

People often ask me at what age I got into cricket, and the honest truth is that I cannot remember. I have been an avid cricket fan for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory of cricket is when I was about eight years old, and my father took me to watch the first Test of England’s 1993 tour of India. The match was played at Eden Gardens in Calcutta, and we won the match by eight wickets.

Mohammad Azharuddin scored an impressive 182 in the first innings from just 197 balls, and he was the main reason that I decided that I wanted to be a batsman. After the match, I begged my father to let me sign up with the local cricket club, but he told me that I would have to wait a couple of years until I was old enough.

On my 10th birthday, the first thing that I did was head down to the local cricket club with my father and sign up with them. It was my dream to eventually play for the Indian cricket team and hit a stunning century like Azharuddin did and get to wave my bat to the adoring crowd, but I was never quite good enough. Although, while not trying to sound too cocky, I was a pretty decent batsman and was one of the best in my team.

I played at a decent level for around 15 years, but in 2015 I had to unfortunately retire from playing the game that I love after a horrific car accident badly damaged my knee. After my accident, while I was recovering, I spent a lot of my time watching and doing a spot of cricket betting at cricket betting sites. I had never done much betting before, but it turns out that I seem to be pretty good at it.

I now make use of my profound cricket betting knowledge to try and help my fellow cricket bettors have a successful time when doing a spot of online betting on cricket. As well as giving my followers tips to improve their chances when making cricket predictions, I also give my own cricket predictions that I hope you will all find extremely useful when you are cricket betting.

Cricket Betting Odds

Whenever you are making cricket predictions on cricket betting sites, whether it is IPL predictions or predictions for some other type of cricket match, there is one thing that I believe you need to pay attention to above everything else, and that is the odds that are on offer. In my opinion, the odds that are on offer at cricket betting sites are more important than anything else.

I mean, you could have a cricket betting website that has plenty of cricket markets (we will get to those a bit later on), plenty of banking options for you to deposit and withdraw money, a great Welcome Bonus, and top quality customer support, but if they have the worst odds out of all of their rivals, you would still be better off making your IPL predictions elsewhere. At the end of the day, the odds that are available are what will determine how much of a profit you will make whenever you have a successful cricket betting session.

To help get my point across more, I am going to give you an example here. Let us say that you are looking to do a bit of online betting on cricket and you want to bet on India to beat England in a Test match. You take a look at the odds that one bookie is offering and see that they have given India odds of 2.50 to win the match. You then take a look at the odds that another sportsbook is offering and see that they have given odds of 2.65 for India to win the game. If you go ahead and bet 2,000 Indian rupees on India to win with the first bookie, you will make a profit of 3,000 Indian rupees. If, on the other hand, you decide to bet the same amount of money on India to win with the second sportsbook, you will land a profit of 3,300 Indian rupees.

Now, I know that 300 Indian rupees is not exactly a life-changing amount of money, but if you do a lot of cricket betting and end up missing out on at least 300 Indian rupees each time, it will quickly add up to quite a tidy sum. So, before you sign up with a sports betting site to do some cricket betting, make sure that you take the time to make sure that they are offering competitive odds.

The Different Markets You Will Find When Online Betting on Cricket

What makes cricket betting so popular is the fact that there are so many different markets that us cricket bettors can put our money on. I touched on this a bit in the introduction, but now I am going to take the time to take a look at some of the main markets that you will come across when you are cricket betting online. The only other sport out there that has more cricket betting markets that cricket is football, which is awesome as it means that you should never get bored when you are cricket betting online.

So, let me now guide you through some of the most popular markets you will come across when cricket betting.

Match winner: Whether you are betting on cricket or any other sport, you will always have the option of betting on the match winner. This is one of the simplest type of bets that you will encounter in the sports gambling world. All you have to do is pick the team that you think will go on to win any upcoming cricket matches, and if they do so, then you will walk away with a nice profit. If they lose, then you lose your stake. See, I told you it was simple.

Match score: With this type of wager, you pick one of the teams and then you have to decide how many runs you think they will hit. The sportsbook that you have an account with will provide you with a number such as 312.5, and then it is up to you to decide whether the team you chose will score 313 runs or more, known as over, or whether they will score 312 runs or less, known as under.

Top bowlers: With this type of cricket bet, you have to choose a bowler from one of the teams that you believe will go on to take the most wickets in the match for their team. Since this is not an easy bet to get correct, you will usually find very good odds attached to it.

Top batsman: This is similar to the market that we just spoke about above, but this time you will be selecting the batsman from a team that you think will score the most runs in a game. Once again, this is a hard bet to predict, so the odds are usually very tasty.

Man of the Match: At the end of a match, the player who has put in the best performance will win the Man of the Match award. Before the game starts, the majority of bookmakers will give their players the chance to bet on who they believe will go on to win the award. Since there are 22 players to pick from, the odds that are on offer will be even better than those for the top bowler and top batsman.

Mode of dismissal: In cricket, there are a number of ways that the batsmen can be dismissed and these are caught, bowled, LBW, stumped, run-out, and hit wicket. Any bookmaker that is serious about what they do will give their players the chance to bet on how the next batsman to be sent packing will get out. The odds available will depend on the method of dismissal that you choose. For example, the caught method will have the lowest odds because it is the most common mode of dismissal, while the hit-wicket will have the highest odds as it is so rare.

What Are the Best Cricket Betting Sites?

Us Indians spend millions each year betting on our favourite sport. In fact, it has been estimated that we spend about $50-60 million on IPL predictions whenever there is an IPL match being played. Sportsbooks know just how much money we like to bet on sports, which is why more and more are accepting sports bettors from India. This is great as it means that we have plenty of cricket betting sites that we can choose from and variety, as we all know, is the spice of life. However, when there is a lot of variety, it can make it tricky to find the best option for you.

Below I am going to provide you with a list of what I feel are the best sites for a spot of cricket betting. However, before I go ahead and do that, I am going to give you some things that you should look out for when choosing a bookie for online betting on cricket.

Reputation: When you find a sports betting site that you think is perfect for you, then before you go ahead and open an account with them, you should take a look at some detailed reviews as this will give you a good idea as to what your fellow sports betting fans think about it. If you see plenty of negative comments, then you should think twice about completing the registration process.

Odds: The odds for the same outcome can vary from bookie to bookie, so it is important that you take a look at comparison sites before you commit to a bookie and deposit your money with them. As I said above, it is wise to sign up with cricket betting sites that have the highest odds as this is how you make the most profit.

Bonuses: Sportsbooks have to offer potential new players attractive welcome bonuses if they want new players to sign up with them. Bonuses will also vary between bookmakers, and this is the reason why you need to shop around before you commit to a bookmaker. You do not want to sign up with a sports betting website only to then find one with a better bonus.

Customer care: If a sports betting site has rubbish customer care that leaves plenty to be desired, then you should forget about registering with them. If you go ahead and sign up with such a bookie, you will be signing up to a lot of annoyance down the line. A sportsbook should have a live chat feature with customer care agents that can be contacted 247.

Now that I have given you an idea as to what you should keep an eye out for, I shall now give you that list that I promised.

  • Betway
  • 22Bet
  • Royal Panda
  • Dafabet
  • Bodog
  • 888sport
  • Bet365
  • 10Cric
  • Spin Sports


How to Win Cricket Betting

There is nothing that you can do to guarantee a win when you are cricket betting online. If that was possible, then I more than likely would not be sitting here writing a blog for fellow cricket lovers. No, I would be sitting on an exotic beach somewhere sipping on a delicious Long Island Ice Tea. However, while there is no way that you can guarantee a win when online betting on cricket, there are some useful tips, such as these, that I am going to give you that can improve your chances of winning.

Check Out the Head-to-Head Record

Like in any other sport, cricket teams will have those teams that they love to play against and those teams that they just cannot seem to buy a win against. For example, in football, I support Aston Villa because some of my family live in Birmingham, and our bogey team is Manchester United. I am not even going to tell you what our record is against them recently as it is more than embarrassing. Betting on Villa to beat Manchester United is like throwing your money down the drain.

So, before you go ahead and do some online betting on cricket on a team to win, we really do recommend that you take the time to see how they have done against their opponents in the past. If they have done poorly against them in recent matches, then we highly recommend that you look for another bet to make.

Pay Attention to the Weather

All outdoor sports are impacted by the weather conditions, but I do not think that I am exaggerating when I say that cricket is the sport that is impacted the most. The weather conditions can dictate the way that the game will go. For example, if the sun is out and it is hot, then it will be easier for the batsmen because the ball will not do as much off the pitch. However, if it is grey and overcast, it is perfect for fast bowlers as the ball will swing, making it harder for the batsmen.

Also, while other sports can be played in the rain, cricket cannot because the wicket will get ruined if it gets too wet and the ball will become too slippery to grip, which can make things dangerous. If you have ever bowled a wet cricket ball before you will know that it can be a bit like a bar of soap at times. Therefore, when it rains, the players will have to go off until it stops, and this can take a lot of time out of the match.

So, if you are thinking about betting on a cricket match, we recommend that you take a look at the weather forecast. Not only will this give you an idea as to whether batsmen or bowlers will dominate, but you will get an idea as to whether any overs will be lost in the game. If there is plenty of rain forecast, I recommend you bet on something else.

Pay Attention to Player Form

If you are betting on a player to score in a football match, before you go ahead and place your wager you will probably check out their scoring form as of late. So, it stands to reason that you would do exactly the same if you are thinking about betting on a cricketer to be the top batsman or bowler for their team.

If you think a player will be the top scorer or top wicket-taker, I recommend that you take a few moments just to see how they have been performing as of late. If they have been out of form, it will be a bit stupid to put your hard-earned money on them.

The Best Apps for Cricket Online Betting

Nowadays, most of us Indian cricket bettors enjoy making bets wherever we are, and the best sportsbooks are aware of this fact. Thus, any bookie that is serious about what they do will develop an app that their players can download so that they can bet on cricket wherever they happen to be. Below I am going to give you a couple of apps that I feel are two of the best for us Indian cricket bettors.

Betway App

Betway has been around for more than a decade now and they are aware that a lot of their players want the option of betting wherever they are. Therefore, they spend a lot of money and out in plenty of effort to develop a quality app that Android and iOS users can make use of. I downloaded this app myself, and could find nothing to fault. The app is really pleasing to look at and navigating around it is really simple. So, if you have an account with Betway, I really recommend that you consider downloading their app.


10Cric is a sportsbook that all huge cricket fans should consider opening an account with, and one of the main reasons I am telling you this is because they have a really good mobile app for Android users. I have also downloaded this one to try myself because I do not like to recommend things that I have not tried myself. The 10Cric app has a stunning interface and you will not have any navigation issues when making use of it. At the time of writing, there is no app available for iOS users, but I hope this will change soon.